Bornstedt Crown Estate

Italian Village of Potsdam

The Bornstedt Crown Estate is a unique ensemble of Prussian history. It is a place like none other in Potsdam's landscape of parks and palaces. It is also a trestimony to the passion Prussian kings had for all things Italian.

In 1867 King Frederic William IV is reputed to have said "I now have my Italian village - as long last!" after, he had made Bornstedt into what it is today: a piece of Italy under prussian sky.

Since 2002, after several years of extensive restoration, the Bornstedt Crown Estate shines anew in its original radiance. Located a mere 400 metres from Castle Sanssouci, it invites visitors to experience and enjoy Prussian history.

Today the Bornstedt Crown Estate is a reflection of the Brandenburg-Prussian economy. Visitors can learn about the tradition of Prussian handicrafts; for instance, the Bornstedt tradition of brewing beer dating back to 1689 and has been revitalized  in the year 2002. Our home-brewed beer is called "Bornstedt Buffalo" and is very popular with our guests.

About 15 artisants present their works in the former remise known today as the "Brandenburg Manufactory" such as: potters, goldsmiths, the Royal Bakery, just to name a few.

The main restaurant " Brau- und Brennhaus" is opened daily and serve rustic, regional food.
There are also various rooms available with the appropriate technical equipement for meetings or seminars. Also you can rent these rooms  -for example the wine barn or the historic wine cellar - for business or private events like weddings, celebrations or dinners at an UNESCO World Heritage site.